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When Alice Haydon is promoted to senior curator and has to put together a new exhibition, she expects it to be an interesting and fun project.  However, it ends up being anything but, when a dead man turns up outside her gallery and the exhibition's star painting goes missing.  On top of that, Alice has a horrible row with her boyfriend.

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Organising an art collection for the Carberrys when they turn their home into a boutique hotel, is the perfect job for Alice Haydon to launch her freelance curating business. Until her client turns up dead at his own party. 


Alice Haydon imagines that leading a family art group for Great Wheaton’s vicar will be exhausting but rewarding. But she doesn’t expect one of them to be murdered in the church hall …

Together with eccentric friend and artist Roddy Rafferty, they find themselves entangled with a murderer who will do anything to hide their secret.

Drawn into an increasingly twisty mystery, it soon becomes clear that crime and art is a fatal combination.


When prominent actress Anna Garson meets her end during rehearsal, at first it seems like an accident. Alice Haydon is there at the time, organising a photography exhibition for the theatre’s fiftieth anniversary. When she discovers that the actress was not popular with everyone in the cast, Alice begins to suspect foul play.


Alice starts to dig around and suspects mount up. Then she receives a mysterious threatening letter and she is forced to speed up her investigation.


                                  ** Available on Amazon **


All of Alice Haydon's murder mystery investigations are available for your reading pleasure. 

1. Paint a Murder,

2 Sculpt a Murder, and 

3. Sketch a Murder 

4. Snap a Murder

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