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Alice Lives on a Barge.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

"The boat is safe anchored at the port; but that’s not the aim of boats."

Paulo Coelho.

Inga Moore

I thought Coelho’s piece of wisdom was an inspiration, until I went on a barge holiday on the Norfolk Broads. It only took a gusty wind and a downpour to convince me that boats were more fun when safely tied up to the bank. Despite the weather, I was fascinated by the idea of living right on the water. So, when it came to finding a home for Alice, I immediately pictured her on a barge.

It would be fun, I thought, for Alice to enjoy the benefits of living on the river. Whether it was sharing a bottle of wine with her friends while they watch the sun go down. Or breakfasting with the swan family who live amongst the reeds on the opposite bank.

The river is the thread that draws Alice and her friends together. Roddy, her confidant and font of all things artistic, lives on the boat next door. Livvie’s café is a short walk away, serving the community of barge-dwellers and all those who seek a couple of relaxing hours by the river.

Daisy Dawn is based on a widebeam barge, some of which are as spacious as apartments or holiday homes. They provide most of the features of regular houses, but with the bonus of being able to cruise along the river and change the scenery whenever you want.

If you would like to read more about the inspiration behind Alice Haydon’s life on the waterways, read my interview with Canal Boating Times, April 2020 edition (on page 30):

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