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Cozy up for Winter!

Alice Haydon Mysteries

As the temperature drops and the days start to shorten, it’s time to bulk up the reading pile for some serious winter reading. Cozy mysteries are as popular as ever and they make the perfect seasonal treat.

Take a sleuthing journey with a range of protagonists, from bakers to witches, quilters to farm owners, as they negotiate their way through twists and turns to solve the mystery.

Get to know the protagonist’s friends and family, too. Eccentric neighbours, generous best friends, amused partners. Some are cheering them on, others just seem to get in the way.

Enjoy a variety of locations. Amble along beaches, walk over pretty countryside lanes, perhaps travel overseas to a different country.

Cozies are the perfect antidote to our anxious times. Forget Covid-19 as you snuggle down and solve the mystery before the protagonist.

So, put another log on the fire and dive into a new cozy series.

The Alice Haydon mystery series is available from Amazon: via this link.

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